Marine Support Services Ireland

Marine Support across Ireland

M.V. Sarah Marie and M.V. Dalemoor are also available to hire for marine support services to the commercial sector throughout Ireland. We have vast experience at this and currently provide boat and skipper services to several state and private bodies throughout Ireland. Current state clients include the Commissioners of Irish Lights, the Office of Public Works, National Parks and Wildlife Service and Sligo County Council.

Safety Vessel

Both of our vessels are available to hire as safety support vessels for any offshore and inshore works, and where compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Regulations is required. We have broad experience on marine construction sites as well as providing rescue boat services to several organisations in local, national and international events. Our skipper, Daryl, is a fully qualified helm for Sligo Bay Lifeboat (as well as the station mechanic) and has an impeccable safety record, coming highly recommended from several state, private and commercial companies.

Marine Construction

We have experience working with several marine construction firms where we have supplied personnel and equipment transportation in shallow and deep water, as well as having been involved in accurate barge placements. We have also completed several major infrastructure projects with the Commissioners of Irish Lights over the last two decades, such as the modernisation and refit of Blackrock lighthouse and several other major civil works.

Marine Surveys

We have been conducting marine surveys for various private companies in Sligo and Donegal Bay since 2006. These have been completed providing both skipper services on specialised vessels and on our own charter boats. We have also provided survey works under bridges and in intertidal areas for Sligo County Council and other survey works such as dilapidation surveys and repair works.

Scientific Support Vessel

We provide vessel and skipper services for scientific research and sampling such as water sampling, bottom sampling and other scientific research.

Skipper Services

We can provide skipper services for a range of vessels across Ireland as required. We have several skippers available with various appropriate seagoing qualifications and experience.

Pilotage and Vessel Support

Having provided pilot vessel services in Sligo for many years we are experienced in vessel support and offshore vessel standby, supply and safety services.

Film & TV Support Services

Although we have appeared numerous times on TV and radio, we are also available for hire for the various marine support services required for coastal and offshore filming. We have supplied location scout, safety, diving and camera vessel services for many major productions such as Irish Film Boards “Calvary”, “Swansong”, RTE’s “Living the Wildlife”, BBC’s “Coast” and “Crossing the Line” productions.

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